Student Spotlight

March 2017 Student Spotlight

Job Center

The KCC Job Center is committed to helping students pursue and obtain employment and continued education both while students are enrolled and after they have graduated.  Sheryl Barry and Sean Schubert work hard to coordinate Fall and Spring Hiring Events for students and invite businesses to share opportunities with students.

This photo features Jeff Chen from the Student Conservation Association with a group of sixty students applying for jobs as remote Trailblazers.  They will go to exciting places like Katmai National Park, Lake Clark National Park, or Chugach National Forest and work on projects like trail building, bridge construction, waterway bank restoration, and general park maintenance.  These are exciting opportunities for young adults to experience the wildlands of Alaska and get paid for providing a valuable service.

Automotive Maintenance Technology - Student Laura Hanshaw

March Student Spotlight for the Automotive Maintenance Technology Program is Laura Hanshaw.  She is currently a Senior at Service High School.  When asked why she took this class, she responded by saying that she always had a love for cars and has in interest in learning more about them other than using them!  She heard about the class from a friend and it sparked her interest so she then researched it and enrolled!  Her future will involve automotive vehicles.  She will attend Montana State University to major in Mechanical Engineering, then either proceed to the Military for more mechanic training or go into the automotive industry directly.  She says Mr. Nix is a great teacher because he is always there to help and give a hands on experience every day in class.

Cosmetology - Student Hannah Elam

The March Student Spotlight for the Cosmetology Program is Hannah Elam.  Hannah is a Senior from West High School.  Hannah had a student from the Cosmetology Program do her hair and make up for her senior portraits and has wanted to be a student in that class since.  She saw the enthusiasm and fun that all the students had in the class and wanted to be a part of it.  Her plans for the future includes becoming a licensed hair dresser then attending a four year university to earn a degree in Spanish.  Hannah says that in Cosmetology you excel by action rather than memorization.  One of her favorite days in class is called “lab day”.  Students are allowed to explore all facets of cosmetology.  Hannah describes Ms. Normandy as a teacher that teaches from a beauty salon rather than a textbook.  Ms. Normandy relates to her students very well, she respects us and in turn, we respect her.