Student Services

Student Services

The Student Services department provides assistance to students and parents in the following areas:

• Help in selecting the appropriate CTE/vocational class

• Help in developing personal and career goals

• Help with personal issues

• Help with job applications and placement

• Collaboration with home high school counselor and staff

• OJT counseling and placement


Many local scholarships are available to KCC students, including specific KCC scholarships. In addition, technical colleges and institutes offer scholarships to students who plan to further their education in a vocational skill area. Student Services will assist students in learning about and applying for scholarships for college, technical school and apprentice programs. Contact KCC’s counselors, 742-8900, for assistance with scholarships, post-secondary education or training, or preparation for entering the workforce.


Special education services

The Special Education staff at KCC work in collaboration with a student’s home high school to provide services for students experiencing a disability. A special education teacher assistant is assigned to each KCC class. The teacher assistant, in collaboration with the KCC special education department chair, monitors student progress and provides individual assistance to students as needed. Students select a KCC class with help and assistance from their home high school Transition Specialist. Students may enter a regular vocational program or our Work Readiness program depending on the student’s individual needs and goals.