Student Handbook


Good attendance and punctuality are two of the most important attributes to acquiring and maintaining a great career. Therefore both are extremely important to your success at the King Career Center.
Please notify KCC about all student absences. Your home school does not contact us when you are absent. This means your parent must make two phone calls: one to your home high school and one to KCC.
Courses at KCC include a professionalism component that is 25 percent of the total grade. This component includes attendance, punctuality, general work habits, and attitude in completing assigned projects.
Attendance Phone Number: 742-8902
Main Office Phone Number: 742-8900
• A notification letter is given to students who have accumulated five (5) absences. Teachers will call parent/guardians regarding this notice.
• When ten (10) absences are accumulated, the student is placed on attendance probation after a conference with an administrator and parent notification.
• When fifteen (15) absences are accumulated, the student is withdrawn from his/her KCC class and does not receive credit for the class. Doctor, dentist, orthodontic appointments and family vacation that are pre-arranged DO count toward the 15 absences.
• Students with poor attendance will not receive preferential treatment for scheduling into future KCC classes.

Blue Passes

Students who are issued blue passes to leave school are counted as an excused absence. This absence will count towards the maximum allowable before withdrawal (15 absences) for non-attendance. Please notify KCC if you Blue Pass from your home school and will miss your KCC class.

Chronic medical illness

Students who have recurring medical problems that prevent them from attending school can have more than 15 absences without being withdrawn. However, the following conditions apply:
• A Chronic Medical Illness Form must be obtained from the KCC office, signed by a parent or guardian, completed and signed by a doctor, and kept on file at KCC prior to the absences in question. The completed form should include a doctor’s statement that clearly describes the nature of the illness and the anticipated length of absence.
• Only those absences that are the result of a chronic medical illness and for which there is appropriate documentation on file (Chronic Medical Illness form and doctor’s note) do not count towards KCC Center attendance withdrawal policy. All other absences do count towards the maximum. The only exceptions to this are emergency situations, such as surgery, accident, etc. which cannot be anticipated ahead of time. In these circumstances, a Chronic Medical Illness form can be obtained, signed, and placed on file in the office after the fact. However, proper documentation will have to be on file so that these absences will not count towards the attendance withdrawal policy.

Home school assemblies and activities

Students who attend a home school function during their KCC class without informing the office prior to their missing class will be counted as absent. This absence will count towards the maximum allowable before withdrawal (15 absences) for non-attendance. The only exceptions will be for those students who are required to attend the home-school function or the participation in a pre-acknowledged extracurricular activity with a list provided by the sponsor or coach. In those cases, students must secure permission of the Assistant Principal of KCC before the assembly or function.

Perfect Attendance Award

Those students at KCC who are able to complete the semester with perfect attendance are honored with a certificate and are recognized at the end of the semester. Attendance is a very important part of job performance, thus perfect attendance deserves special commendation.

Pre-Arranged Absences

KCC must receive notification of any Pre-Arranged Absences. The KCC Pre-Arranged Absence Form must be signed by KCC instructor and the Assistant Principal. Reminder: Under the Anchorage School District attendance policy, pre-arranged absences count towards total absences leading to withdrawal and non-granting of credit.


Punctuality is one of the most important attributes in getting and maintaining a good job. Since an important mission of KCC is to assist students in getting entry-level positions in a wide variety of careers, punctuality and attendance are strongly reinforced at this building. Every one of the programs at KCC includes a professionalism component in computing the student’s final grade in the class. Please read the section on GRADING for more information.
The professionalism component of each grade accounts for 25 percent of the total grade for the course. Punctuality is considered a critical job skill and will form a significant part of the professionalism score. That means grades will be adversely affected as tardies are accumulated.
Accumulated tardies are defined as the combination of both unexcused and excused tardies.
3 tardies    Teacher conferences (phone) with student and with parent/guardian. Referral notice documenting conference will be sent home with student and to the main office/administrator.
6 tardies    Teacher conferences (phone) with student and sends referral notice to principal for conference. Principal will phone conference with parent/guardians and referral notice sent home with student. Student may be assigned detention or In-School Suspension.
9 tardies    Teacher documents referral and submits to principal for conference. Student may be assigned detention or suspended until parent/guardian conference. This may include Out-of-School or In-School Suspension or Work Detail.
12 tardies    Teacher documents referral and submits to the principal for further action. Sanctions may include assigning detention or Out-of-School or In-School Suspension. This may also result in student losing enrollment status at KCC for the following semester.
It is very important for students to be in class on time. Punctuality allows students to receive the maximum benefit of instruction at KCC, to receive good grades in course work, and allows students to develop the skills and work habits to obtain and maintain a good job.


A student is considered truant if he/she is away from the class without the teacher’s permission. Visiting other classes without the permission of both teachers is prohibited as it is disruptive to the instructional process. Students who attend their home school on a particular day but fail to attend KCC are counted as truant (the only exception is having a blue pass or an official school activity). Truancies may be dealt with according to the following sanctions:
1st offense - Warning/parent notification
2nd offense - 1-day work detail/suspension
3rd offense - 1-day suspension
4th offense - Loss of credit (W/F), withdrawal from KCC.
A suspension under this section is subject to the procedures and appeal process contained in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities document (School Board Policy 450).
The student will be designated as habitually truant after four (4) processed truancies in a semester. After a student is designated as habitually truant, the provision of notice of the designation and a determination of a lack of cooperation from either the parent/guardian and/or student in remediating the situation, the habitually truant student and/or their parent/guardian may be cited under AMC 8.05.445.


Please refer to the Anchorage School District High School Student Handbook regarding policies and sanctions for discipline problems. As an important part of the professionalism requirement at KCC, any student behavior which would be considered unacceptable in the workplace is also unacceptable at KCC. Such behaviors as rudeness or impoliteness, inappropriate grooming and apparel, poor attitude, and insubordination are unacceptable.

CrimeStoppers/Safe Line

The KCC has a student CrimeStoppers/Safe Line program to assist in identifying the person(s) responsible for problems in the building and grounds. Occasionally announcements will be made in the classroom about specific problems for which students can call KCC CrimeStoppers/Safe Line telephone number anonymously. Further information about the program will be given in class each semester. The CrimeStoppers/Safe Line telephone number for KCC is 742-8937.


The following rules apply on school grounds, at school activities on and off school grounds, on school buses and at school bus stops. School jurisdiction also applies to acts which begin on school grounds and end off school grounds; or begin off school grounds and continue on school grounds; or pose a likelihood of disruption of education or conduct at the school; or occur while the student is on the way to school or leaving school. In addition, students may be disciplined for behavior on or off school grounds that takes place at any time if the behavior clearly has negative consequences for the welfare, safety, or morals of other students or a person employed or volunteering at the school. The district should not exercise this jurisdiction with respect to conduct that has little or no actual or likely impact on the school community.

General Information


Students will be expected to dress professionally in a manner appropriate for the career fields associated with the class in which they are enrolled. Instructors will limit clothing that can become a safety concern when working in proximity to machinery. Hats, caps and other head coverings are prohibited at KCC unless it is a safety requirement approved by the instructor.
Any clothing which, in the opinion of the teacher or school administration is substantially disrupting to the school or work environment is prohibited.


Lunches will generally be served Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:15-11 a.m. unless prior notice is given. We ask your cooperation in keeping the area clean by depositing your trash in the proper containers.


All fines must be paid by the end of the semester.


As in all courses, you will be graded according to the skills you are able to obtain and demonstrate. Test scores, quizzes and the quality of the work and projects you complete in your KCC course are included in your grade. In addition, you will be graded on your degree of professionalism. Employers indicate to KCC that they look for employees who are punctual, reliable in terms of attendance, have a positive attitude, and exhibit good general work habits. These characteristics are often more important than the skill level of entry-level applicants according to most businesses and industries that hire KCC graduates. Therefore, all KCC courses include a professionalism component as 25 percent of the total grade. This component includes punctuality, attendance, general work habits, and attitude in completing projects assigned whether students work by themselves, with a supervisor or with fellow students on a team.

Hall passes

During class time, students must secure a pass from their instructor if they are to be outside of the classroom for any reason. Students without a pass or abusing the pass privilege (e. g., visiting friends in another classroom, socializing in the halls) will be considered truant and subject to the sanctions listed under truancies in this handbook.


Students will be allowed to use the telephone in the attendance office for emergencies only. You must have a pass from your instructor to use the phone during class.


Guests are not allowed at KCC unless they have received prior permission from the instructor of the class they intend to visit as well as approval of KCC administration. Students enrolled in other schools must be blue passed out of the home high school or they will be considered truant. No visitors will be allowed if they are not currently enrolled in another high school. Failure to follow the above procedures may result in the guest being sent away, a trespass notice issued, and disciplinary action being taken against the KCC student.



School bus transportation is provided from each of the home high schools. SAVE students need to take the Dimond High bus. Polaris students need to take the Service High bus and Steller students need to take the West High bus. Buses to and from Benson Secondary School will be provided between the morning and afternoon KCC sessions. Please be aware of the latest bus schedule (or come into the office to obtain one). If you miss your bus because you remained in class or for other reasons, you will have to make your own arrangements to get back to your home school. Students who attend Chugiak, Dimond, Service, South and Eagle River high schools and ride the school buses leave class five minutes early. Their buses leave at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. respectively. Riding a school bus is a privilege and can be revoked for improper or dangerous behavior. In the event of a late bus, students will not be penalized.


Driving to and parking at the King Career Center is a privilege. Student parking is located on the south and west sides of the building. Faculty parking only is allowed on the north side of the building.
No parking is allowed at the east entrance as this is preschool drop-off. Student parking is also prohibited within the fenced area on the south side of the building near the carpentry/auto shops. Cars that are parked in no parking areas, loading zones, handicapped areas without a permit, or access lanes will be ticketed or subject to a $25 fine. Cars taking more than one parking space will also be subject to ticketing or a $25 fine.
On the first parking violation, a car will be ticketed. On the second and all subsequent violations, a car will be ticketed and subject to being towed at the owners expense. The owner or driver will need to pay a $25 fine before the office will release the car.
Students who drive cars need to be aware that speeding or dangerous driving will result in loss of parking privileges at KCC as well as the possibility of additional discipline sanctions including school suspension. The speed limit on school property is five (5) miles per hour. On Career Center Drive the limit is 20 miles per hour.
All cars should be locked. Students are not allowed to be in the parking lots during class hours. Please note: The Anchorage School District and KCC accept no responsibility for damage to or thefts from vehicles while on school grounds.
Students parking on KCC campus should have a valid parking permit from their home school. In the event that you do not have a permit, please see security.