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KCC Mission Statement

As part of the Anchorage School District, KCC is the connection between school and careers. Our programs are taught by industry professionals and/or teachers with extensive knowledge of industry standards. Each program is guided and endorsed by an advisory council whose members come directly from industry and post-secondary education.  At KCC we also promote professionalism. Twenty-five percent of a student's grade in each class is based on professionalism standards.  Prompt and regular attendance, appropriate dress, and a positive attitude are basic expectations.

General Information

CA CA Career technical and vocational education offers students the opportunity to explore career options and learn the skills needed to obtain an entry-level position in the career of their choice. In addition, students will learn what will be expected of them in the world of work, create a career portfolio and develop the skills necessary to apply and interview for a job.


Classes at KCC are the equivalent of 3 class periods at a regular high school, and earn 1.5 elective credits for successful completion. Credits in math, science, social studies and language arts also may be earned. Students enroll for an AM or a PM class. Transportation is provided from your home high school.

If you are a Junior (grade 11) or a Senior (grade 12) and you would like to enroll at the King Career Center, see your counselor at your home school or call 742-8900.


Academic credit

Students may receive academic credit for many of the courses at KCC. Many vocational/technical career fields have extensive application of math, science, social science and language arts. Those requirements are reflected in our curriculae.


KCC Full Day program

For a limited number of students staying at King Career Center, the all-day program is an excellent option. Students will earn academic credits through ASD iSchool and APEX online classes delivered in a computer lab for half the day, and take their KCC CTE class the other half of the day. Supported by a highly qualified certificated teacher in the lab, students will work on a variety of core requirements. Students will continue to be enrolled at their “home” schools, be eligible to participate in all extra-curricular activities, and ultimately graduate with their class.


Program of Studies

 Link to our Program of Studies and Credits Table