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Grade level 11-12. Veterinary Science 1 requires a “C” or better in Biology. Veterinary Science 2 requires a “B” or better in Veterinary Science 1 and teacher recommendation.‌lp3


Veterinary Science is a rigorous course designed to prepare students for careers in veterinary and other animal-related professions. This class requires both academic and physical participation and technical skills. Students will be exposed to the competencies needed to work in the veterinary setting. Students will learn safety and responsibility, animal anatomy and physiology, infection control, grooming, first aid and CPR for cats and dogs, handling and restraint, veterinary terminology, roles and responsibilities of the types of veterinary workers, law and ethics, medical records, scheduling, wildlife conservation, and client communication. Career exploration and academic mapping are part of this class.

 Students will manage in a canine day care and grooming program. They will be evaluated by written tests, mastery of skills, professionalism, and participation in community activities. Teamwork and participation are essential components of success for this class. Excellent attendance is critical for student success and animal health.

 Second semester students will continue their study of veterinary science and develop a deeper understanding of terminology, lab techniques, surgical assisting, diagnostic procedures and specialty medicine. Second semester offers .5 life science and 1.0 elective credit.



Credits and Certifications

.5 Life Science

.5 PE/Health

.5 Elective


Vanessa Forbes - Instructor

Ms. Forbes has over 20 years experience working in the veterinary field and five years experience as a veterinary educator and administrator. She holds certification as a Licensed Veterinary Technologist and degrees in Online and Distance Learning (MS) and Animal Health Science (BS). She is a Doctorate of Education candidate with expected graduation in 2017. Awards include Distinguished Faculty Award through DeVry Education Group. She enjoys hiking and spending time with family and pets. She is new to Alaska (July 2016) and loves it here! She says, “I am a life-long learner and work to promote the veterinary field and share my passion for the field with students.”


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