Fire and Rescue Services

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Grade level 11-12.Fire

The goal of fire-rescue (also known as Principles of Emergency Services at UAA and UAF) is to introduce fire fighting as a career. We explore the health, safety and well being of emergency personnel as well as the hiring process, basic firefighting techniques and skills, fire science, building construction, wildland firefighting and basic suppression.

The goal of the rescue component is to locate and rescue injured or trapped victims, stabilize the emergency situation and transport the patients to safety while managing injuries.

Students will follow guidelines set forth by the International Fire Service Training Association, OSHA, FEMA, and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) while training.

Teamwork and professionalism are essential parts of this class. It is primarily a practical course that emphasized the importance of hands-on training and skills. The skills-based learning will be supplemented by lectures, discussions, and online coursework.

Students can receive three college credits through UAA and UAF. Job placement assistance and/or advanced training programs is available through the class.


Credits and Certifications

.5 Physical Science

1.0 Elective


American Heart Association CPR & BLS

Emergency Trauma Technology

ICS 100/200/700

Apprenticeship program

Tech prep available


Rebecca Giacalone - Instructor

Ms. Giacalone is certified as an EMT I, an EMT I Instructor, a lifeguard, an AHA- BLS + CPR Instructor and FEMA- ICS. Her other work history/industry experience includes Alaska Medical Support Team, Team One Alaska, Willow Fire Department, Boy Scouts of America Health and Safety Officer, Certified Nursing Assistant at Alaska Regional and Providence hospitals. She has won first place in EMS Skills competition/State of Alaska; and has over 1000 volunteer hours with the Alaska Medical Support Team. She has a Leader training award from Boy Scouts of America. Her personal interests are outdoor recreation; volunteering with youth organizations; Boy Scouts of America; scuba diving; and hockey. She was born and raised in Alaska and has two children.