Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

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Grade level 11 and 12.Entrepeneurship


Students will learn and experience business operations through a hands-on and problem-based curriculum. The focus in the first semester class will be on entrepreneurship; students will work in teams to develop, plan, and sell a product or service at KCC.


Students will learn how fields such as accounting, finance and marketing fit together in a functioning business. Personal ethics, business planning, economics, finance, accounting basics, communications, marketing, corporate responsibility and technical writing will be integrated into the course. By the end of the first quarter, students will liquidate their businesses, and issue an annual report and letter to shareholders. They will also produce balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements. The class will then plan a new KCC store that will allow students to further refine their skills on a larger scale.


Students will hone their portfolios which will demonstrate proficiency in skills considered essential by the business industry. The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce will issue an “endorsement” to students who have successfully met its portfolio requirement. Students in the second semester will develop a business project. This will focus on project management and facilitation, general business concepts, contracts, technical writing, accounting basics, and project/product presentations. Utilizing industry partners, students will provide real world solutions to business problems.


Credits and Certifications


.5 Economics

.5 Language Arts

.5 Elective


Ray Voley - Instructor

Mr. Voley holds certifications in History, English, Economics, Government and Geography. He has worked as a journalist, river guide and fishing guide.

He has been named 2008 Alaska Teacher of the Year, 2008 Alaska History and Cultural Studies Teacher of the Year, 2016 CTE Teacher of the Year and is a Alaska Learning Network Project and Grant Winner His spare time is spent with family biking, rafting, hunting, and fishing. He enjoys reading, writing, film, woodworking, and Shakespeare.