Diesel Power Technology

Grade level 11-12 and may be taken 2 times with a grade of “C” or better

Diesel Power Technology introduces students to the knowledge and skills necessary to perform service, maintenance and PM Inspection on medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.  Students will learn how a well-planned preventative maintenance program can reduce repair cost and increase the life of a truck, trailer, and other associated equipment.  Students will inspect, lubricate, and repair or replace necessary components of the truck drive line as well as check for proper driveline angles and balance.  Students will perform proper service, maintenance, repairs, and inspections procedures.  As part of the Diesel Power Technology program, students will have the opportunity to earn university credit and prepare for ASE certifications in Medium/Heavy Duty Trucks.

Credits and Certifications
1.5 Elective
Tech prep credit available with UAA