Carpentry in Office 2007 Ready 2007


Grade level 11-12. May be taken 3 times with grade of “C” or better to advance.TakeoverLH-26


Carpentry has an industry advisory board to keep the program relevant to industry standards. First semester students practical training is accomplished through the construction of a storage shed using residential construction methods, the latest in equipment, materials, and practices used in the construction industry.


Second and third semester students will work on major projects, such as a relocatable classroom, which includes professionally drawn blueprints, building permits, Municipality of Anchorage building inspection adhering to building codes. Students will learn the latest methods in cold weather construction practices. After three semester students can earn up to 493 contract hours which can be applied toward journeyman carpenter after one year in the union training program.


In addition students can participate after-hours in SkillsUSA, a program that is a statewide carpentry and cabinet making competition, and can lead to a national competition.


Credits and Certifications

.5 Math

1.0 Elective


Pre-apprenticeship program for Southern Alaska Carpenter's Union Training Center

Opportunity for direct entry into carpenters union

NCCER Core; NCCER Carpentry 1 & 2


Forklift Certification

Scaffolding & Fall Protection

North Slope Training Card

Spring Construction Institute (Spring break)



Riley Cronk - Instructor

Mr. Cronk has been a teacher with ASD since 2001. Before coming to KCC, he taught Applied Technology at Mears Middle School and piloted the Materials Science and Construction program at Service High School. He earned his Bachelors of Science from Boise State University in 1984.

He has owned and operated his own carpentry business since 1991 and is certified as a Carpentry Instructor for the National Center for Construction Education and Research. He received the Alaska Teacher of Excellence Award from the International Technology Education Association. His personal interests include fly fishing, hiking, traveling, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and good friends.