Aviation Technology

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Grade level 11-12. May be taken 2 times with a grade of “C” or better to advance.Aviation Tech

This 2-semester program is taught at a satellite location, utilizing the University of Alaska Aviation Complex at Merrill Field. Different subject matter is covered each semester.


Students will focus on knowledge areas required by the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam. First semesters will include aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight instruments, performance, weight and balance, and the FARs. Students will demonstrate acquired flight skills in a state of the art flight simulator.


Second semester will learn the importance of good communication and teamwork required by Air Traffic Control. They will learn airspace, weather, and equipment requirements, and experience an advanced air traffic control tower simulator. Students will learn about lighting, signage and markings required for various types of airports, and will be introduced to the demands of funding, design and construction. Basic navigation, weather and weather reports, aeronautical decision making and physiology will also be covered. There is some overlap of information between semesters.


Students will develop a scholarship folder, prepare a resumé, learn job skills and visit a variety of aviation related job sites. Second semester students may be eligible to participate in job-shadowing. Community service will be strongly encouraged.


Credits and Certifications

.5 Physical Science

1.0 Elective


Private Pilot’s Ground School

Private Pilot’s Knowledge Exam


Tech prep available


Dean Paulson - Instructor

Mr. Paulson has a Type A secondary certification and is a certified Flight Instructor. He has worked in carpentry, in the military, as a coach and a guide and as a pilot. He has been awarded Teacher of the year when he was a teacher at Central Middle School, and been nominated BP Teacher of Excellence 4 times. He enjoys spending time with family, and his cabin.