Alaska Railroad Tour Guide Program

Spring semester only. Grade level 11-12. Obtain an application by email:

This class is taught after the regular school day and receives .5 Alaska Studies credit.‌

Prerequisites: Must have at least 2.5 GPA cumulative, be 16 years of age and have fewer than five absences the prior semester. Students are selected through a screening process which includes application, recommendation by counselor, and interview.

This specialized training includes customer service training, cross-cultural communication, public speaking, Alaska geography, economy, history and tourism related interests. Training provides students with excellent job skills and opportunities in the tourism industry with specific focus as a tour guide for the Alaska Railroad. Application and interview with the Alaska Railroad will be scheduled for those who successfully complete the training.

Alaska’s tourism destinations
Customer service skills
Public speaking/cross cultural communication
First Aid and CPR
Knowledge in Alaska history, geography, ecosystems, Alaska flora and fauna


Alaska Railroad passenger cars
Railroad safety equipment
Alaska Railroad tour guide
Tour company representative
Tourism related industry
Hospitality industry